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Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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How dangerous is dry drowning?

Your backyard quickly becomes your kids' and their friends' favorite place when you have a swimming pool. While kids swim, you must ensure they have a safe time. Even the strongest swimmers can have accidents. Dry drowning or secondary drowning can happen following...

How do you determine negligence?

Negligence is the core part of any personal injury case. If someone is negligent, they can cause serious bodily harm to someone, whether or not it is intentional. To proceed with a lawsuit, the plaintiff needs three important pieces. Injuries First, there needs to be...

Did you really need a C-section?

Giving birth should be an exciting and amazing experience, but if you had to have an emergency C-section, it can be traumatic. After the operation, you may question whether it was a necessity. The Atlantic explains the increase in C-sections is concerning and is...