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Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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When is wrongful death not an option?

The wrongful death law allows you to file a lawsuit against a person responsible for the death of your loved one. However, there are some exceptions that could limit your ability to file for wrongful death. FindLaw explains that the main exception is if the person...

How can you recognize a TBI?

After suffering from a blow to the head, it is possible and even likely for brain trauma to follow. Of course, the severity of this trauma can vary greatly depending on the type of blow that caused it along with other factors. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) prove to...

Common catastrophic injuries

While a minor injury can change a life, it doesn't always cause permanent injury. A catastrophic injury commonly means a permanent disability, either physical or mental. There are several types of catastrophic injury a person in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, may...