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How to deal with winter walking hazards

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Personal Injury

Snow and ice help create beautiful winter scenes, but walking on both can be dangerous. While property owners, businesses and institutions are responsible for keeping their walkways shoveled and free from ice, there are some things you can do to promote your safety while walking in winter. Here are some tips to try to stay injury-free this season.

Use Penguin Power

Penguins have a long track record of traversing icy and wet terrain all over the globe, and many safety experts advocate taking cues from how they walk. To begin, it is common sense to walk slowly in difficult conditions while keeping your hands out of pockets so your arms can fully help your balance. Then, try to:

  • Take very short steps
  • Keep your knees slightly bent
  • Point your toes slightly outward

Think About Keeping Contact

When it comes to entering or exiting a vehicle, establishing multiple points of contact is a great way to maximize your stability. Do not hold things in your hands like a cup of coffee or a cell phone while getting out of your car. Shift your weight slowly as you exit and:

  • If you are the driver, hold onto the steering wheel as you pivot outward
  • Passengers can hold onto the side of the vehicle while exiting
  • Everyone can also hold onto the interior door handles for extra stability while rising to a standing position

After you stand up outside the vehicle, you can more safely grab anything you need to take with you.

Practice A Balanced Approach

To fully enjoy winter outside, remember to wear footwear with proper traction and protection from the elements. Avoid rushing while on snow and ice, and keep in mind to maintain your center of balance. With safety as your focus, you will be able to enjoy what winter has to offer.