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Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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The Homyak Law Firm, P.C., Case Results

The following is a list of cases handled by our firm and their results:

  1. Over $10,000,000.00 confidential settlement for a worker permanently injured in an industrial accident.
  2. $7,000,000.00 confidential settlement for a worker permanently injured in an industrial accident.
  3. Over $4,000,000.00 confidential settlement for a patron sustaining serious permanent injuries and complications as the result of a fall on defendant’s premises.
  4. Over $4,000,000.00 confidential settlement for an industrial accident causing leg amputation.
  5. $4,300,000.00 premises liability/liquor liability verdict obtained, held on appeal and collected for 25-year-old man rendered a quadriplegic when he was pushed into and over a poorly maintained wall surrounding a stairway landing by an intoxicated patron of a bar located in the building.
  6. $3,700,000.00 liability and underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance settlements obtained for a 51-year-old man suffering fractures of both arms and both legs, and a below the knee amputation, as the result of a head-on vehicle collision.
  7. $2,800,000 confidential settlement for 57 year old sustaining permanent significant foot and ankle injuries as the result of a fall on Defendant’s premises, preventing him from continuing with his lucrative physically challenging work.
  8. $2,750,000.00 confidential settlement for Estate and heirs of 44 year old suffering cardiopulmonary arrest in hospital building for staff’s failure to administer available life saving procedures.
  9. $1,400,000.00 judgments obtained for each of two young girls against bar that overserved and then threw out severely intoxicated patrons. The girls were injured and witnessed their mother’s death as the result of the ensuing head on vehicle collision. Superior Court affirmed that the bar’s insurer wrongfully denied a defense to the bar.
  10. $1,500,000.00 settlement obtained for a worker suffering a head injury, torn rotator cuff, rib and spinal fractures, and exacerbation of pre-existing degenerative spinal disc disease as the result of a fall at the factory where he was a supervisor, due to the failure of an independent contractor retained for plant maintenance to have properly performed its duties.
  11. $1,500,000.00 medical malpractice verdict, plus delay damages, obtained and collected for patient with preexisting severe schizophrenia who was permanently brain injured due to anesthesiologist’s negligence during throat surgery.
  12. $1,250,000.00 inadequate security verdict, plus delay damages, obtained and collected for multiple gunshot victim convenience store clerk.
  13. $975,000.00 confidential settlement in products liability case for the widow of a worker decapitated in industrial accident.
  14. $970,000.00 in settlements obtained from municipality and insurer for drivers of two vehicles that collided at a known dangerous intersection, with one of the vehicles striking the pedestrian on the sidewalk, causing severe intracranial bleed requiring surgery.
  15. $906,212.34 verdict, plus delay damages, collected for 56-year-old man who sustained serious injuries requiring four surgeries as the result of a fall on a slippery and unattended floor while he was making deliveries as a truck driver to the hospital’s loading dock. Courthouse staff believe this was the highest verdict for a slip-and-fall accident case ever rendered by a Beaver County jury.
  16.  $903,593.50 in auto policy liability insurance policy limits settlement and collected UIM Arbitration award for driver sideswiped and sustaining a herniated cervical disc requiring surgical fusion.
  17. $850,000.00 confidential settlement for estate and heirs of elderly female nursing home patient attacked by improperly medicated and, therefore, aggressive fellow resident, causing injuries resulting in her death.
  18. $839,212.50 confidential settlement for Estate and heir of 55 year old unemployed free spirit pedestrian run over and killed instantly by drunken driver.
  19. $825,000.00 confidential medical malpractice settlement for permanent arm nerve injury caused during surgery.
  20. $775,000 confidential settlement of 2 UIM claims after change in Pennsylvania law disallowing Household Exclusion insurance policy provisions to override UIM coverage in policies insuring other owned cars for motorcyclist severely injured as a result of running into the rear of a suddenly stopped vehicle in the highway’s travel lane.
  21. $757,273.45 verdict, plus delay damages, collected for the estate and widow of a now deceased patient whose bone cancer was misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated at age 74, resulting in approximately 1,000 days of improperly controlled painful symptoms and the performance of unnecessary and ineffective invasive dental and prostate procedures.
  22. $615,000.00 settlement obtained for significant chest and leg injuries after head-on collision from insurers for other driver, underinsurer and insurer for storage company that lost the allegedly defective airbag, which did not inflate.
  23. $555,135.00 medical malpractice verdict collected for 40-year-old woman who developed severe heart failure due to her family physician’s failure to order standard blood tests that would have revealed an underlying condition, which, if promptly and appropriately treated, could have avoided the resulting permanent heart damage.
  24. $500,000.00 confidential medical malpractice settlement for surviving spouse of patient who died while waiting for hours for transfer from ER
  25. $480,000.00 confidential settlement for car driver sustaining severe injuries to chest, spine, hip and internal organs when hit by speeding bus, before a good recovery.
  26. $462,500.00 in confidential settlements for two family members suffering significant chest, shoulder, hip, leg and spine fractures from head on collision.
  27. $411,000.00 in combined policy limits UIM settlement and collected jury verdict against both auto drivers for 19 year old passenger suffering fractured pelvis and splenectomy.
  28. $400,000.00 confidential medical malpractice settlement for delayed diagnosis of breast cancer, causing otherwise unnecessary and inappropriate treatment.
  29. $400,000.00 liability and UIM policy limits settlements for estate and surviving spouse of driver killed by head on collision.
  30. $350,000.00 settlement for driver suffering herniated cervical disc, requiring surgery as the result of rear end collision.
  31. $335,000.00 confidential settlement for car passenger injured in head on collision and wife. Injuries included concussion, severe hip and leg fractures requiring surgery, and fractures of two cervical bones that healed uneventfully.
  32. $350,000.00 policy limits settlements obtained from other driver’s insurer and UIM carrier for 59-year-old woman for multiple fractures sustained in head-on collision, despite her unrelated total disability that preceded the accident.
  33. $300,000.00 settlement for 55-year-old woman who slipped and fell on water on floor of a restaurant, causing ongoing dizziness and memory problems and a previously asymptomatic lower back cyst to become painful.
  34. $325,000.00 settlements obtained from other driver’s insurer and UIM insurer for 54-year-old man injured in rear-end auto accident, who sustained further injury due to misplacement of a catheter in his penis at the emergency room.
  35. $313,276.93 award collected for estate and heirs of a legally blind and nearly deaf 101-year-old nursing home resident, who was required to ambulate unescorted in her wheelchair to an elevator in order to get to the dining hall. She passed the elevator and inadvertently rolled down a flight of stairs, causing numerous injuries that led to her death.
  36. $295,000.00 in near policy limits settlement obtained from liability and UIM insurers for 75-year-old driver of car “T-boned” in middle of a four-way intersection by pizza delivery driver, resulting in dislocated shoulder, broken ribs and crushed lungs; $97,000.00 in settlements also obtained from liability and UIM insurers for wife-passenger, who sustained torn rotator cuff, dizziness and a brief recurrence of a pre-existing Bell’s Palsy (facial twitch).
  37. $270,000.00 near policy limits settlement for elderly couple where husband-operator of car turned left in front of speeding oncoming car, causing significant injuries to husband and instantaneous death of wife-passenger.
  38. Plaintiffs’ counsel in Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision allowing motorist injured by dangerously defective guardrail to recover from PennDOT. Cagey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation.
  39. $210,000.00 settlement for estate of 92-year-old nursing home resident suffering injuries resulting in death while being transported to dialysis clinic when speeding ambulance driver braked suddenly, after failing to have secured her wheelchair.
  40. $195,000.00 settlement for patron injured by slip and fall, causing closed head injury.

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