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Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the things that many people do not understand about the Pennsylvania system for personal injury law is that they may be able to seek compensation from multiple parties. At The Homyak Law Firm, P.C., we make a point to analyze our clients’ cases from this perspective. We find that doing so often provides the best chance possible of securing the funds they need to put their lives back together after a tragic accident.

There are various situations in which you might be able to investigate the negligence of more than one party. Some of the following examples may be obvious, but others may surprise you.

Even with all of the safety regulations in the state — and those instituted by the federal government —the roads are still a dangerous place to be. Sometimes collisions are truly unavoidable, but we find that it is often the case in auto accidents that some degree of negligence was involved.

For example, you may have a claim against multiple parties in a commercial vehicle accident. These issues typically involve not only the trucker but also several other organizations or individuals:

  • Trucking companies
  • Maintenance centers
  • Equipment manufacturers

Commercial vehicle accidents typically have multiple interests, but individual vehicle collisions may also have complex negligence issues. When this is the case, we often find that it helps our clients to bring action against not only the uninsured individual but also various other parties, such as manufacturers of faulty parts and administrators of unsafe roadways.

Taking a full account of every possibly responsible party is often the first step toward uncovering negligence. It may also help secure funds more quickly through multiple settlements. This is especially likely if one or more parties are unable to pay immediately or does not carry adequate insurance. Furthermore, this concept could extend to other types of injury cases, such as falls on other peoples’ property, medical malpractice and so on. Please continue on our main website to find out more.