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How to avoid distracted driving

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many drivers in Pennsylvania are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of distracted driving. With thousands of drivers becoming seriously injured or killed due to distracted driving, the issue has never been more serious.

What is distracted driving?

Eating, putting on makeup, using the GPS system or changing the radio station are all examples of driving while distracted. One of the most common causes for distracted driving among teens is texting while driving.

What are the risks of driving while distracted?

When drivers take their eyes off the road for even just a few seconds, their risk of car accidents can increase by as much as three times. If you’ve ever missed your turn or can’t remember when you turned onto your street, you were distracted behind the wheel.

How to increase your attentiveness when driving

For your own safety and the safety of others around you, paying close attention at all times whenever you’re driving is important. Even the smallest adjustments in your attentiveness can make a tremendous difference. You can prevent distracted driving by:

  • Putting your phone out of reach so you won’t be tempted to look at it
  • Pulling over if you have to use your phone to text or talk
  • Familiarizing yourself with the equipment in your vehicle so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road
  • Entering addresses in your GPS before you begin driving
  • Refraining from petting your furry family members until you’ve arrived at your destination
  • Never driving if you feel tired or drowsy
  • Eating before you get in your car or stopping at a safe location if you can’t wait

The risks of distracted driving are simply not worth it. Make a commitment to yourself and others to practice attentive driving using the above tips.