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How to prevent dog attacks

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

People are passionate about their dogs. Owners are in the habit of treating them as though they are nonhuman family members.

Some breeds of dogs are prone to biting. When they strike, the results can be devastating. Avoiding bites is the aim of every responsible canine owner.


All dogs are capable of learning good behavior. Start teaching them when they are young for the best results. Hire a personal instructor to come to your home and hone the obedience of your four-legged friend.


Allow your pet to meet different types of individuals. The park is a great place to encounter strangers eager to introduce themselves to your pup. Reward your animal with treats when a meeting concludes without barking or snarling.


Your dog is more prone to react badly in unfamiliar situations. Expose Fido to scenarios that might trigger anxiety. Walk together near traffic or construction until your dog feels comfortable doing so. Stroll beside a lake or pond if your companion fears water. Keep these experiences positive, and never punish them for being afraid.


When letting your dog outside, make sure the backyard has proper fencing. Double-check that there are no broken slats or open gates that would allow escape. Use a leash every time you head out together. If your pet has a biting problem, always use a muzzle.

Dogs sometimes do incredible damage when they decide to attack. As owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that does not happen. Use these tips to avoid an unfortunate incident.