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What is the most dangerous time to drive?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are various hazards that all drivers should be aware of on the road at all times. Often, collisions happen because of driver error or due to traffic conditions. According to the National Safety Council, nighttime is one of the most dangerous driving times.

Weekend nights tend to have the most accidents.

What makes night driving dangerous?

At night, you cannot see as well as you do during other times of the day. In addition, older drivers have more difficulty seeing low lights. At 50 years old, you need twice as much light as you do at 30 years old. In addition to compromised eyesight, drivers may experience more fatigue at night. A poll revealed that about 37% of all drivers experience sleep at the wheel.

In addition to tired driving, some people may drive impaired at night. After nightfall, people tend to drink more or engage in other substances that may impair their driving.

How can drivers protect themselves?

To protect yourself, remain alert while driving. Dim your dash lights and look away from oncoming headlights. In the dark, your depth perception, peripheral vision and color recognition become less effective. As an added problem, high beam headlights from oncoming vehicles can make it more difficult to see.

If you have glasses, choose anti-reflective frames and make sure you have annual vision exams. Even if you feel experienced behind the wheel, you may want to brush up on your driving skills by taking a course.

To keep yourself safe, try to limit your driving to the daytime hours or reduce your speed while driving at night.