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Did you really need a C-section?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Malpractice

Giving birth should be an exciting and amazing experience, but if you had to have an emergency C-section, it can be traumatic.

After the operation, you may question whether it was a necessity. The Atlantic explains the increase in C-sections is concerning and is indicating that they may not all be done for the right reasons.


In general, the reason doctors will recommend a C-section is when the mother’s or baby’s life is in danger. It is a surgery, so it comes with many risks. The basic understanding is a natural birth is best for mothers and babies, so surgical intervention should be a last resort. Unfortunately, a doctor may have ulterior motives for wanting to push C-sections on mothers.


Some doctors prefer to do a C-section to a natural birth because they are more in control. Health care providers may be open to requests for the surgery as well. So, if a mother says she wants a C-section, the doctor agrees without going over the risks or the options.

It is also common for doctors to prefer C-sections because they make more money than during natural birth. Surgeries also make the hospital more money, so the facility may push doctors to do more C-sections.

A doctor may also try to convince you to get a C-section because it will fit into his or her schedule better. If the doctor has an upcoming vacation, he or she may tell you that if you do not have the C-section, you may have to have a different doctor attending your birth, which could push you to make the choice to do surgery.

If you ever feel as if your doctor is pushing you to do a C-section with no real medical reason behind it, you should get a second opinion. Do not feel forced into an unnecessary surgery that increases the potential for medical injuries for you and your baby.