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What are the possible complications following a concussion?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Personal Injury

Concussions are traumatic injuries to your brain following a jolt or blow to the head. Unfortunately, car accidents often result in concussions due to the crash’s impact.

After a concussion diagnosis, recovery may take longer if you have any common complications.

Second impact syndrome

If you have multiple concussions in a short period, it can result in long-term effects. Second impact syndrome refers to concussions before previous injuries have yet to heal. Patients with second-impact syndrome have a higher likelihood of developing swelling in the brain.

Post-traumatic vertigo and headaches

While headaches are normal after a concussion, most will clear up in a few days to a few weeks. However, in severe concussions that present with complications, you may have headaches that last for months to years following the initial accident. Likewise, vertigo can present as a complication. Vertigo and headaches can make it difficult for you to function personally or professionally. You may not be able to drive, bike or engage in activities that require coordination, focus or balance.

Post-concussion syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome will make you experience the symptoms of your concussion for weeks or months following the initial injury. In some cases, you may have symptoms lasting more than three months. When they last that long, you may have persistent post-concussive syndrome. Generally, the persistent post-concussive syndrome occurs when you have undergone multiple traumatic brain injuries.

After a concussion, you can help reduce the chance of complications by allowing yourself to heal. You need to rest for your brain to heal.