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How do severe head injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After taking a blow to the head, you have an unfortunately high chance of dealing with a head injury.

But how do these head injuries manifest? What sort of red flags should you look for that indicate a severe head injury happened?

Physical symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses how head injuries may manifest. The more severe a head injury is, the more prominent and lasting the symptoms and signs tend to be. This is sometimes a good thing, as it drives people to seek medical attention at a much faster rate compared to those who suffer from milder symptoms.

Some of the most common physical symptoms include nausea and vomiting, unconsciousness, periods of blacking out, dizziness, trouble staying conscious or trouble waking up.

Victims might struggle with their reflexes or their motor skills. They might hear ringing in their ears or experience visual disturbances like blurred visions or lights. Head pain of varying degrees that worsens or does not go away over time also serves as a common sign.

Mental and behavioral signs

Mentally speaking, victims will usually experience several symptoms. This can include confusion and temporary memory loss or amnesia especially of the events leading up to the injury. It may also include changes in behavior, including increased levels of aggression and a refusal to cooperate.

This sometimes makes it harder to get a patient to go to the doctor, but seeking immediate medical attention is crucially necessary for anyone suffering from a head injury. It is the best way to minimize potential long-term damages.