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What are the effects of severe burns?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Personal Injury

Getting a burn injury of any degree of severity can cause a person to halt their life. However, the more severe a burn injury, the bigger of a life impact it has.

What are the particular effects associated with severe burns, and how do those impacts work?

Second degree burns

Mayo Clinic discusses burn injuries of varying severity. Second- and third-degree burns are the most severe type, with first-degree being the mildest. First-degree burns usually include things like sunburn, which is painful and irritating to deal with but not overall harmful.

Once a person starts getting into second-degree burn territory, things get dicey. At this level, a burn will potentially scar if not treated properly. It has a higher probability of infection and complications, too.

These burns typically affect the first two layers of the tissue and will often result in large, painful blisters. Remember to never pop the blisters, as it increases the risk of infection or scarring.

Third-degree burns

With third-degree burns, any size or location of burn will require immediate medical care, no matter how small. This contrasts with second-degree burns, which are only considered severe injuries in the event that they are on the face or larger than 3 inches in diameter.

Third-degree burns often result in permanent loss or alteration of sensation, nerve damage, scarring, tissue loss and mobility loss due to scar formation. It is important to get quick medical care to stave off the worst of the effects.