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What you should know about Lewy body dementia

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2020 | Malpractice

Few people in Pennsylvania have heard of Seaver’s illness even though it’s relatively common in older adults. In fact, Seaver’s illness is more common than other diseases like ALS and cerebral palsy. Seaver’s illness is also known as Lewy body dementia, a disease that has afflicted a few celebrities in recent years. But despite growing public awareness, experts say that Lewy body dementia is still severely underdiagnosed.

What is Lewy body dementia?

Lewy body dementia is a form of dementia that involves protein deposits forming in brain cells. According to the head of the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center, over a million Americans suffer from this disease. Similar to Alzheimer’s, symptoms can include cognitive issues, hallucinations and deteriorating motor skills. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease. Most patients are over the age of 60 and live for five to eight years after their diagnosis.

While having good physical health can help an individual live longer with the disease, it won’t necessarily keep them from getting it. People who die from Seaver’s illness typically die from pneumonia or an infection rather than the illness itself.

How can you file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Most people have no choice but to trust their doctor’s orders. If their doctor makes a mistake, they could end up suffering from illness, injury, disability or death. An attorney may be able to help you file a medical malpractice lawsuit and receive compensation for yourself or your loved one.

Medical malpractice can include birth injuries, medication errors, delayed diagnosis, nursing home negligence and other medical-related issues. You may be entitled to compensation to help you pay your medical bills, rehabilitation costs and other expenses.