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How can ice and snow cause a slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Personal Injury

Dealing with intense weather can leave you feeling frustrated, especially when it comes to a fresh snowfall or a particularly heavy rainstorm.

In some cases, this weather can also lead to a head or spinal injury from a slip and fall. Learning how these accidents happen is important for anyone out in public to know.

Puddles of water

According to the United States Department of Labor, wearing sturdy boots and walking carefully can both help stop falls, but ultimately do not entirely prevent them. A puddle of water left in the middle of an aisle can easily cause someone to slip and fall, which can then lead to a serious injury.

This water can come from snow other patrons track into the store. Employees should always stay alert when it comes to cleaning up aisles.

Slippery snow

Mounds of half-melted snow can be deceivingly slippery. Some owners may not bother to shovel this snow, wrongly thinking that it cannot trip anyone and will completely melt in a short amount of time. However, walkways and sidewalks need to remain clear at all times, even if the snow may eventually melt by itself.

Unmelted ice

Putting salt out on walkways or other potentially slippery areas is necessary if people often walk in those places. If a sidewalk is not properly cleared or de-iced, then it becomes a tripping hazard for anyone entering or exiting. Some kinds of ice are hard to see, so being thorough is important.

This can be especially dangerous for someone who is not steady on his or her feet. Weather like rain and snow can cause a painful slip and fall incident.