Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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Trusted Support Through Premises Liability Claims

Sustaining an injury while visiting a commercial establishment, public park or social event can cause devastating physical, financial and emotional losses for you and your family.

Attorney Mark Homyak of The Homyak Law Firm, P.C., has over 30 years of legal experience representing Pennsylvanians in a number of premises liability cases. If you suffer an injury, our team can help you recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

Advocating For Victims Of Negligent Property Owners

Landowners and leasees have a responsibility to maintain their premises and warn visitors of potential risks. The level of care partially depends on the type of visitor you are and whether the property is public, commercial or residential.

We have represented individuals who were injured in all manner of situations, including property with:

  • Inadequate security precautions
  • No posted construction or renovation risk warnings
  • Poor maintenance of structures or walking surfaces
  • Dangerous accumulation of water and ice
  • Poorly designed property features

When property owners or managers fail to create a safe environment and injuries occur as a result, The Homyak Law Firm, P.C., advocates for your rights. In one case, our firm reached a settlement of over $4 million for a man who suffered catastrophic injuries after being pushed over a poorly maintained wall at a public establishment.

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