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A lack of preparation for icy weather can lead to severe injuries and claims

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

As winter brings icy weather, home and business owners must pay special attention to their sidewalks and walkways. When a person suffers a severe injury on another individual’s property, it becomes the owner’s fault for not making an effort to create a safe environment.

Every year, about 800,000 people face hospitalization because of a slip and fall injury.

Injuries associated with slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall on the ice can cause a rapid and complex impact on the ground. Falling can result in broken bones and head injuries. Older people may also become less active, in fear of falling again. The fear of falling can cause the person to live a more sedentary lifestyle which can trigger adverse health effects.

People are more likely to slip and fall when there are hazards. During the winter, businesses leaving walking paths and sidewalks slippery with ice can lead to devastating injuries.

Precautions for winter weather

Owners must take security precautions on their property. An accumulation of snow and ice is a hazard that most understand. Letting the property collect snow and ice could resemble negligence. Business owners are obligated to invest in deicers and remove as much as now and ice from the walkway as possible. After the events of a winter storm, individuals must act quickly to clear walkways and sidewalks to ensure that people who follow the path do not become injured.

Downed trees, debris and branches can also pose a tripping hazard for many people. With the addition of cold, slippery weather, businesses must take responsibility for preventing injuries.