Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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Protecting Accident Victims Throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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Strong Representation When Dangerous Products Harm Your Health

In our consumer-oriented society, there is a wide variety of products to choose from. Although we trust designers and manufacturers to create safe items, injuries from dangerous or defective products are all too common.

A few types of products that regularly cause injuries include:

  • Faulty household devices
  • Contaminated food and beverages
  • Dangerous medical products
  • Defective automotive parts

Defending Consumers’ Rights

We believe that consumers should be able to trust the safety of their purchased products. At The Homyak Law Firm, P.C., we zealously defend the rights of Pennsylvanians who suffer from product injuries.

Selected for inclusion in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers annually since 2013, attorney Mark Homyak is experienced at developing robust case strategies that produce a track record of results for his clients. We have represented many individuals who suffered catastrophic injuries including: disfigurement, severe burns, dismemberment and even death.

Dangerous Or Defective Medical Products

Medical devices and prescription drugs are intended to improve a patient’s health and quality of life, but sometimes things go array. Defects in the design or manufacture of medical products and prescription drugs can jeopardize a patient’s well-being. We understand the long-term devastation these types of injuries can create so our capable medical malpractice team pursues every avenue of recourse for your case. We will evaluate the extent of the impact on your immediate and long-term health to maximize your compensation and protect your interests well into the future.

What Should You Do If A Product Injures You?

Whether you suffer injury from a faulty electrical device or a foreign object in a food product, save the product that hurt you. This evidence could become a critical part of your personal injury case.

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